Bringing Culinary Delights to Life: An In-Depth Look at Food52

A Review of the Online Culinary Platform Food52

Online culinary platform food52 lives by a mantra that memorable cooking doesn’t have to be complicated or precious. This is evident throughout the site’s offerings.

For example, their pantry features curated kits that include polyphenol-rich olive oil and wood-aged balsamic vinegar. Even their daily emails feature hypnotizing food GIFs.


Aesthetics is the branch of philosophy that studies art, beauty and good taste. It also includes critical reflection on art. Although its traditional focus is on the nature of beauty, it has recently expanded to include more abstract concepts. The philosophies of aesthetics also explore how art works and why people like it.

Cooking 52 is a site that aims to cater to the “realist home chef.” This means their recipes aren’t meant for the casual consumer. They’re crafted with technical skill to be precise, professional and consistent. It’s also clear from their clean, geometric visuals that the team at food52 has a strong affinity for Scandinavian aesthetic ideals.


Food 52 has a firm grasp on the kitchen-centric content that appeals to their audience. However, they also push themselves out of the culinary platform by pitching segments on home and travel. While these endeavors may feel a bit out of place, they are still well executed and presented. Additionally, their blog posts include eye catching food illustrations that are consistent with the platform’s overall aesthetics.

Founded in 2009, food52 offers a wide range of recipes sourced from the community, cooking contests and articles on a variety of topics related to food. In addition, they offer a online shop that sells kitchen gadgets and ingredients.


Burgeoning online culinary platform food52 espouses a philosophy of cooking as a way to increase the quality of a household’s life. Rather than demonizing the process, the site aims to demystify it. For example, the site’s daily emailers -which are often overlooked or filtered as spam – feature hypnotic food GIFs and a hotline for questions on various kitchen topics.

The site also offers a series of fun lifestyle shorts, which add color and flavor to the overall content. Although these segments might seem off-topic for a cooking site, they draw in audience members and serve as a great introduction to the content. The site’s photography is a highlight as well. Eye catching food illustrations are consistent with the site’s aesthetics and offer a technical merit that is usually ignored by other cooking sites.

Interactive features

In addition to their dazzling food photography, the company offers an array of interactive features that are a welcome departure from the standard recipe-blog fare. Their daily emailers, for example, feature hypnotizing food illustrations and product GIFs that are consistent with the site’s overall aesthetics.

Their social media content is also thoughtfully curated for the different platforms they use. While many cooking sites cross-post their content across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Food52 carefully tailors each post to its respective audience. This approach has proved effective in drawing new users to their platform. They recently announced a partnership with Magic Leap to bring their recipes to the spatial web. The partnership will allow Magic Leap One owners to visualize ingredients and steps of a recipe with augmented reality.

Social media

Social media is a broad term that encompasses many different platforms, from Twitter and Instagram to blogs and Reddit. Despite the broad definition, some people have more restrictive views of what it means to be part of a social media platform.

While some culinary platforms cross-post the same content across multiple outlets, Food 52 strategically shares recipes and videos that align with each medium. For example, their Facebook page features engaging videos that are not only informative but also hypnotizing.

The site has even partnered with a curated online shopping destination that sells products co-developed with its creators, including home and kitchen items. A loyalty program, The Table, rewards community members with exclusive perks. For instance, members can earn birthday perks and access to private sales.

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