Kristie Sullivan’s Cooking Community: Overcoming Barriers for a Healthy and Delicious Life

Cooking Community With Kristie Sullivan

After her own success with low carb eating Kristie Sullivan wanted to help others learn how to make healthy, delicious food a part of their lives. She established a YouTube channel and published a collection of easy everyday recipes called Journey to Health. Membership provides access to cooking classes, live Q and A calls, strategies for overcoming barriers, and more.

Overcome barriers

Whether it’s lack of time, hunger, or food you don’t love, every person has barriers that can prevent them from sticking to their health goals. Kristie has been there herself and knows that the answer is not a magic pill or plan but rather delicious food and a supportive community. In the cooking community members learn how to overcome these barriers so they can live the life they deserve. Membership required for access to this exclusive community.

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